If you are an artist and

... your work has not been fully documented or the documentation has become confused over time

... you simply want to work on your art and expend less energy on documentation

... you would like curatorial support in the conception and preparation of an exhibition

... you need professional support for your next publication

... you are looking for an independent expert and sparring partner to discuss your work

... you feel it is time for a catalogue raisonné to provide your collectors, gallerists, the interested public and posterity with the security of a scholarly overview of your work

or if you

... want to take care of an artist’s estate and are wondering: where do I start?

... have begun thinking about your artistic legacy:

I may be able to help!

Together we can develop a strategy to ensure your work and your name achieve enduring recognition in the art world.

Swiftly and with passion I can bring order, structure and clarity to creative chaos. My approach is always guided by the art and can be unconventional: everything we co-create will bear your signature and reflect your individual style.

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