Dr. Eva Meyer-Hermann
Kurator für Künstler / Curator for Artists

Poststrasse 12
10178 Berlin
+49 30 280 47 207
office [at] curatorforartists.com

Mitarbeiter / Associate Curator:
Johannes Schmidt, M. A.

Jörg Gudehus, Yvonne Quirmbach

Service Fees

As of September 2017 and based on the laws of the German Federal Republic you have to consider a remuneration for my work of EURO 950 per day and for the services of my assistants a daily rate of 550 EURO. In case of a higher order volume we grant quantity rebates. You decide how we should assist you and you pay us in advance for every calendar month. After each month we will record our services. In case you are not happy with our work, we will reimburse the remuneration for the respective month and terminate our business relation with immediate effect. For composing a text in German I charge 2 EURO for each word, however at least one daily rate (950 EURO). For this remuneration you will receive a proofread text ready for publishing. In case of translating this text into any other language than German I reserve the right to authorize this translation. For organizing, coordinating, and controlling the translation I will charge by the hour at a rate of 95 EURO. All amounts mentioned are subject to VAT and reimbursement of expenses.

Tax ID Number: DE814943543

Photograph © Ines Lechleitner
Photograph © Ines Lechleitner