·  Are you an internationally renowned artist seeking to present a strong solo exhibition in the near future?

·  Are there layers and interconnections in your work that have not yet been fully recognized?

·  Would you like your artistic approach and issues raised by your art to be explored in readable texts? 

·  Would you like to raise the profile and increase the wider understanding of your work through targeted publications? 

·  Have you ever wished for someone–free-thinking and experienced–with whom you could discuss your work?

Let’s talk! Together, pursuing a three-part strategy, we will consolidate your reputation and work in the art world and we will carefully and effectively lay the foundations for your next major project.

·  Regular studio discussions on individual works and interconnections provide the basis for the interpretation and analysis of your work.

·  Identifying underlying structures in your work casts light on your artistic interests, the making of your work and its wider context.

·  A steady stream of publications maintains your profile in the art world and locates your work in the current discourse.

As an independent curator I only work for artists and artist teams. I can provide all the creative-scholarly services needed by the professional artist. My experience of working in close cooperation with galleries, collections and museums will ensure the long-term success of our joint endeavor. 

Photograph © Ines Lechleitner
Photograph © Ines Lechleitner